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Thank you for your employment interest with the City of Yucaipa. Completion of an application is part of the examination process for all jobs. A separate and complete application must be filled out for each position for which you are applying. All requested information must be furnished on the application. Resumes or attachments may be included but cannot be substituted for an application form unless specified in the job announcement. It is important that you answer all questions on your application fully and accurately and that you sign your completed application. Failure to do so may disqualify you from being considered for the position. You must meet all entrance requirements, including possession of certificates or licenses required for eligibility at the time of application. Any exceptions are stated in the job announcement. Please be sure to adhere to the submittal deadline and application requirements associated with the position for which you are applying.

Submit completed applications to: City of Yucaipa, Personnel Department, 34272 Yucaipa Blvd., Yucaipa, CA 92399

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